Amy explores the subjects of rebounding, how to pick or be a good friend if you’re a woman, how to handle energy vampires, Divine Masculine wonders 'will my Divine Feminine be too nice/boring?', a caller asks Amy to scan her energy field, another caller is concerned someone is doing black magic to keep her from her Divine counterpart, Amy goes through the four basic types of romantic relationships, How to hold a Divine Guidance Counseling meeting,  goes through the “Respecting the Shadow” exercise, and goes through things to consider if you’re thinking of choosing a soulmate instead of your twin flame.

Heather, the caller on this episode, who does energy work with her twin sister, can be reached at 720-441-5886 here in Boulder, Colorado.

Movie reference: "She's out of My League"

Once in a Lifetime Love (Clay Walker)

Let me Disarm You (Kaskade, Ilsey)

Until the End of Time (Justin Timberlake)

Once in a Lifetime Love (Alan Jackson)

To call the show and talk to Amy live, call 256-291-1191 any Sunday 5:30 PST/6:30 MST/7:30 CST/8:30 EST

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