In this episode, Amy talks about how to handle anxiety during a time of lots of change, how there have been more reports of twins feeling each other, seeing flashes of light, how to use the ringing in your ears to help you communicate with guides, Amy helps the Nobel Peace Prize community, about people pleasing family, A DM apologizes for his being too afraid to tell her DF the truth and now wants to reconcile, what happens if your twin dies, how you're never derailed from your connection with your twin, respecting your personal boundaries, taking personal responsibility, not forcing your twin, many are coming into union... don't be jealous, some DM's are being manipulated by outside forces, not venting on social media, TD calls in to talk about how, when you start dating, you'll be tempted to play games and/or test your twin, Suzanne gives us an update on her situation with her twin.

Katie's Personal Story

After recording this episode, I listened to this reading she did and it affirmed much of what I said on the show! 

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