In this episode of The Satori Show, Amy is a matchmaker, furthers her healing with Mo, talks about why people die too young, past lives influencing twin flames, facing deeply rooted fears, honoring those who’ve died, a departed loved one dies to save a woman’s life, Nalini and Will part ways to embrace new lives apart, seeing yourself like your loved one sees you, how to heal you and your twin, being your authentic self, following your dreams, developing intuitive abilities, do you need to know your guides, and Amy shares a message for her Divine Masculine. 

“Love isn’t always on time” Toto - Hold the line

 “Who Am I to Stand in Your Way” @chestersee

“You Sexy Thing (I Believe in Miracles)” by Hot Chocolate

The episode Nalini and Will were in prior to this show

Your Host: Amy Satori

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