Amy talks about all the magical things that have been happening in her life lately and the purging everyone is going through getting ready for new or renewed love to come into our lives. A male DF wants to know how to get more on his masculine side, wants to know why he and his DM are in separation, how to best work on himself, and another caller has let her twin go and wants to know what's coming next for her during the holiday season and into next year.

December Love Reading – “A Well Earned Meeting of the Minds this Holiday Season”

Full story about me and Mo (episode 22)

All You Ever by Hunter Hayes (from episode 22)

Mo's song to me now

The Holiday Calendar” movie on Netflix

The Golden Tarot cards

The Happiness Coach interviews me this week

All 4 One - So Much in Love

Bobby Darin “Beyond the Sea”

December Divine Feminine Reading "What do we do now??"

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